jennifer shen

Tap Serialization


Giving users a way to continue reading from series they love.




We designed stories on Tap to give our readers a quick and satisfying emotional hit. However, we saw earlier feedback from our subscribers requesting more fleshed out stories. I led the project to introduce series (episodic content) to Tap. Series allow writers to expand on their plot and characters. At the same time, readers can get updates on stories they already love. In addition, regular series updates will also build a regular reading habit for users. 

Our outcome was to:

  1. Organize content to accommodate for serialized content
  2. Create functionality for writers to organize series
  3. Improve reading time and user retention.


One major change in content restructuring was to switch from scenes to episodes. By creating and placing the new feature of episode transition in the navigation bar, users are now able to efficiently move through any series. 



I worked with the content team to test the concept of serialization through A/B testing. Overall, the serialized content we tested was met with positive user feedback: 

“I really like series... and I want to come back to read more! Knowing that there is another episode, I'd continue to come back.” 
“[serialize content] Is good because it gave me more background information, and it's great for if I have more time and want to binge on stuff."


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Tap: Content Reorganization

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